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AfriKonekta links with Google Maps for cross-borde...

AfriKonekta links with Google Maps for cross-border mass transit live updates

Audrey Galawu 

Finland-based company, AfriKonekta, a bus booking platform has entered into a partnered with Google Maps to provide intercity and cross-border bus transit information connecting 16 countries within its network.

The objective of this partnership is for AfriKonekta to integrate precise intercity and cross-border transit information into Google Maps.

This collaboration will allow travelers to plan trips, compare fares and bus schedules, book, and pay online seamlessly.

Being one of the most widely utilised internet applications, Google Maps will empower AfriKonekta to reach a large audience, particularly catering to budget-conscious long-distance travelers throughout Africa.

AfrKonekta CEO and Co-Founder, Tichaona Dande said, “AfriKonekta has partnered with Google Maps/Transit to bring you all the essential transport information needed for travel between cities and countries in Southern and East Africa.

“This exciting collaboration seamlessly integrates detailed intercity and cross-border transit info into Google Maps. Now, travelers can effortlessly search for available routes and schedules and book directly with AfriKonekta.

"Facilitating better route planning and greater convenience.

“This initiative aims to make route planning effortless for travelers.”

Travelers can now use Google Maps to search for available route schedules on AfriKonekta, leading to better route planning and greater convenience.

“Traveling in Africa is often unorganised, difficult to plan, chaotic, and unreliable, especially when planning more complex trips that may involve multiple routes or countries.

“We are confident that the practical use of this technology will facilitate better trip planning, resulting in greater convenience for travelers across Africa.”

AfriKonekta, Co-founded by a Zimbabwean, Tichaona Dande, is an African long-distance mobility platform that offers a technologically advanced bus travel experience.

Currently, AfriKonekta operates services in Kenya and Zambia, with connectivity to 14 neighboring countries or border towns in Africa.

Since its official launch on August 16, 2023, AfriKonekta has partnered with over 45 bus operators, servicing more than 400 destinations across Africa.





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