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Green energy transition could accelerate Africa’s ...

Green energy transition could accelerate Africa’s industrialisation, says Zambia

Green energy transition has the potential to revolutionize Africa’s development by increasing investment and accelerating industrialisation, a senior Zambian government official said on Friday.

The Zambian Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, Paul Kabuswe, said Africa's dominance in global reserves of transition minerals and the demand for clean energy technologies positions the continent at the forefront of the green energy future.

He said there is a need to maximise the potential of Africa’s abundance of critical minerals essential for technology, renewable energy, and manufacturing beyond mere extraction by promoting value addition within the content.

“This approach aims to generate employment, enhance economic diversification, and bolster sustainable development,” he said in a statement after attending the 2024 Mining Indaba in South Africa.

According to him, there is a need for cooperation with international partners in the development of downstream industries within Africa to achieve transformation. He emphasized the potential of partnering with countries or companies that specialise in manufacturing components or end products using critical minerals to create a value chain that adds value to raw materials and stimulates economic growth.

He noted that infrastructure development is critical to creating an enabling environment for downstream industries.

“It is worth noting that joint initiatives and innovation partnerships with international institutions can drive technological advancements in mineral processing and utilization. This can lead to the development of new, sustainable processes and applications for critical minerals and increase their value,” he added. - Xinhua


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