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Birthday Blessing: Dynamos clinch first win under ...

Birthday Blessing: Dynamos clinch first win under Mangombe’s fortunate stars

Genesis Mangombe

Philemon Jambaya

Dynamos coach, Genesis Mangombe, finally exorcised the early season demons with a birthday triumph, a 1-0 victory against Bikita Minerals on Monday.

The win a blossom amidst the thorns of a sluggish start (two draws and a loss), marked a turning point, a fragrant sip of success after a bitter opening to the season.

“It was a victory as sweet as sun-drenched honey,” exulted Mangombe, acknowledging the initial pressure. He spoke of the delicate task of integrating new players into the team’s tapestry, emphasising the need to cultivate a winning spirit.

This hard-fought victory seems to have unfurled a new chapter for Dynamos. Mangombe, his voice brimming with paternal pride, heaped praise upon his players: “The way we’re playing, this recent win, it ignites a fighting spirit within them. They’ve tasted victory, and they hunger for more.”

Looking forward, Mangombe’s gaze is fixed on a horizon painted with optimism. “The win brings immense joy, not just for me, but for the boys as well. The relief that washes over you after a victory, especially an away one, is unparalleled. Now, at home, we’ll have our 12th player – our fervent supporters – and we anticipate another luscious victory against Bulawayo Chiefs. This win will be the fertile ground from which our team will blossom heading into the Independence Cup in a fortnight’s time.”

A touch of serendipity seems to weave its magic around Mangombe’s birthday. “It truly warms the heart to see these lads play their hearts out for you,” he mused. “They wouldn’t dream of disappointing me on my birthday. As fate would have it, whenever I celebrate a birthday on match day, the results are always favourable – a win, a resounding and beautiful win.”

Dynamos faithful will be ardently hoping that Mangombe’s birthday magic continues its reign as they face Bulawayo Chiefs next, their eyes set on building momentum and flourishing come Independence Cup.

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