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Man killed over braai meat

Man killed over braai meat

Zim Now Writer

Two men from Chipinge, Munotambura Gwinji, 42, and Noah Mavhiye have been arraigned before a magistrates court in connection with a murder case of Ndakawanika Nzwisisai Basera following an altercation over braai meat.

According to the National Prosecuting Authority, the deceased, Basera who was drinking beer together with the pair at Dambamuromo village on June 4, accused the pair of stealing his braai meat, leading to a violent confrontation between them.

It is reported that Basera, pulled a pestle and hit both of the accused persons on the head before being overpowered. The accused persons continuously hit Basera on the head whereupon he fell unconscious.

“The first accused person hit the now deceased  twice on the head and the second accused person hit him with a wooden log and booted feet. The now-deceased fell unconscious and was ferried to Chipinge General Hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival,” reads the statement.

Meanwhile, a 20-year-old Beitbridge man was sentenced to five years imprisonment for attempted murder over an incident that occured on February 25.

In a statement, the NPA said that the accused was accompanied by his friends when they got into the complianant’s truck without authority leading to an altercation that saw the accused push the complainant out of the moving truck.

An altercation ensued between the complainant’s team and the accused person’s gang which turned violent. 

The accused person then allegedly pushed the complainant from the moving truck and the complainant fell on the tarmac and sustained bruises on the face, right hand, stomach and right leg.

He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

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