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A Father's day serenade: Sir Albert Nyabinde takes...

A Father's day serenade: Sir Albert Nyabinde takes the stage at Ela the garden

Patience Muchemwa

Get ready for a Father's Day celebration filled with soulful melodies and heartfelt tributes as Albert Nyabinde and his Motif Band grace the Katikitiki stage at Ela the Garden this Friday, June 21st!  This momentous evening promises an unforgettable experience, brimming with the rich legacy of Zimbabwean jazz.

 Nyabinde, the heir to the legendary Bob Nyabinde's musical throne, pours his emotions into this performance.  "It's bittersweet," he confesses in a recent interview with Zim Now.  "Dad was always our biggest fan, never missing a show. There's a pang of absence, but fatherhood also runs deep in my veins. So, why not celebrate the father I've become?"

 He extends a warm invitation, particularly to the ladies. "Bring your date along, fellas," he urges.  "An enchanting evening awaits at Ela the Garden!"  Nyabinde emphasizes the importance of fathers, the cornerstones of families. "Let's shower them with love in the company of loved ones," he proposes.  "This Father's Day, let's make Ela the Garden the venue for an unforgettable date night!"

 This concert is more than just a performance; it's a homage.  Nyabinde expresses his deepest gratitude to Ela for providing a platform, particularly on the Katikitiki stage – a first for the rising star.  He doesn't forget his loyal fans either.  "To our incredible supporters," he declares, "we are eternally grateful for your unwavering backing. Thank you for believing in the Sir Albert Nyabinde brand!"

 As the music fills the air, the legacy of Bob Nyabinde will be woven into the fabric of the evening.  Albert and his band promise a soul-stirring performance, a captivating blend of classic Nyabinde tunes and their own original compositions.  The intimate ambiance of Ela's Katikitiki Space will provide the perfect backdrop for a truly magical Father's Day celebration.

 Mark your calendars, music lovers!  This June 21st, let Ela the Garden be your destination for a night of musical bliss as Sir Albert Nyabinde takes center stage, honoring his father's memory and creating memories of his own.



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