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Socialite Raviro Munodawafa remanded in custody ov...

Socialite Raviro Munodawafa remanded in custody over posting false messages on social media

Raviro Munofawafa, right,  arriving at the Harare Magistrates' Courts

Michael Mashiri

A socialite known for her controversial posts has been taken to court for sending false messages on social media.

Raviro Munodawafa, 39, popularly known as Evangelica Sandie on Facebook, Emmaculatt on Tiktok, of Aerodrome Road in Mutare appeared before magistrate Ayanda Dhlamini at the Harare Magistrates’ Courts charged with sending false message by phone, causing annoyance.

Munodawafa was remanded in custody to March 28 and the court said she needed to be checked mentally.

The State, through prosecutor Miriro Matapu, alleges that on March 15, at around 1700 hours the complainant went with Munodawafa to Harare Central Police Station charge office after she had been arrested for contravening the Postal and Telecommunication Act.

While in the charge office and the police officer was processing the detention order for Munodawafa, the State alleges that Munodawafa then removed her skirt, skin tight and a pant she was wearing and lay on her back with her legs wide open, exposing her privates to police officers and the public in the charge office.

She was then dragged to the Harare Central Police Station cells where she dressed herself.

It is alleged that Munodawafa was involved a relationship with the complainant, Sasha Masarira, around eight years ago, but she was now sending messages with expletives to him, claiming money from him, threatening to post pictures of them if he did not meet her demands.

Raviro Munodawafa

Munodawafa: Ndongoisa iyi ndoti murume wangu (l will just post this one and say he is my husband)

Munodawafa: Rega vakuone ndovaudza kuti une zi*** (l will tell them you have a big dic)

Munodawafa: Ndoda kumboona (l want to see) how far u can go

Munodawafa: Ndinewe nhasi (l am dealing with you today)

Masarira: l wont do anything. Kuto waster time anythn newe kkk kubvira rinhi ndongoku ignore ini kkk (l have been ignoring you since)

Munodawafa: lni ndikuda 30 usd from you

(I just want US$30 from you)

Munodawafa: ndipe mari izvezvi (Give me money now)

Munodawafa: knowing fully well handina Mari yemushonga kurumidza (l do not have money for medication be fast)

In one of her posts, Munodawafa said she had to expose Sasha because he contributed in the failure of her relationship.

“What really hurt me to expose Sasha nezuro Ka is akandiendera Mozambique kuti ndirambwe nemukomana wangu wekughana Wil come nelive, (what really hurt me to expose Sasha yesterdayis he went to Mozambique for my relationship with my Ghanaian boyfriend to fail),” she wrote.

Masarira said what his ex-lover was doing was costing his marriage.

“It is causing unnecessary attention to me and my marriage,” he said.

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