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Minister, champion boxer hail influencers for arts...

Minister, champion boxer hail influencers for arts collaboration

Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture Deputy Minister, Emily Jesaya, right, and boxing champion, Charles Manyuchi                                                    

Gilbert Munetsi

A Cabinet Minister has expressed a great need for nations to nurture and support artists as they are not only the custodians of our cultural heritage, but also play the part of storytelling to keep traditions alive.

Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture Deputy Minister, Emily Jesaya made the remarks in her keynote address at a cultural exchange banquet hosted by She Glows Africa Magazine at a local hotel in Harare on Friday.

The event was a cultural and arts collaboration between Zambian and Zimbabwean influencers with the aim of providing a platform for creativity, unity and friendship.

“Culture is the lifeblood of any society and tonight we witness the unifying power of culture in this exchange programme.

“Through the fusion of artistic expressions, we have formed a bridge that connects our nations, fostering mutual understanding and appreciation.

“This collaboration has shown us that art knows no boundaries, and it has the power to transcend differences and bring people together,” she said.

Jesaya acknowledged the fact that Zambia and Zimbabwe share a rich heritage that is characterised by diverse traditions, language, music, dance and visual arts.

And through programmes such as the banquet, she noted, there is room to showcase the beauty of the two countries’ respective cultures while forging new connections and collaborations.

“This banquette is not merely a celebration of art; it is a testament to the power of collaboration. When influencers from different backgrounds come together, they bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas and a renewed sense of purpose. They inspire each other and inspire us all,” she said.

Speaking at the same function, world champion boxer, Charles Manyuchi said he believed in an enabling environment in which women can break down barriers, overcome challenges and establish a strong presence in the global entertainment industry.

The pugilist was invited as a special guest in his capacity as a recipient of Zambian hospitality during the time he was contracted to Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions in Lusaka where he spent four years under their management.

He reminisced on a working stay in the northern country where he was accorded hospitality befitting a Zambian national.

“I’m greatly humbled to have been invited to deliver a speech at this great occasion where l join my countrymen in welcoming our esteemed Zambian sisters to our motherland.

“Our nations share a bond that transcends borders, and as earlier alluded to, I’ve personally been a recipient of the Zambian spirit of hospitality.

“As a budding boxer, the affection and support I received in Zambia were instrumental in my growth. I was embraced so wholeheartedly that many believed I was Zambian, and indeed, at that time my reputation there outshone my fame in my homeland.

“Today, as a proud Zimbabwean, it brings me great joy to give back the generosity you’ve shown me. May your time in Zimbabwe be filled with the same warmth and kindness you so generously bestowed me with.

“I join my fellow Zimbabweans in welcoming you to our beautiful land, and may our actions reflect the love you’ve always extended.

“I am deeply passionate about this subject and I believe in the immense potential that lies within the fields of art and sport when women are given equal opportunities to thrive.

“Women have made significant strides and contributions that have shaped our cultural landscape. Their talents in artistic forms have captivated and inspired audiences worldwide.

“Yet, women continue to face challenges such as gender biases, stereotypes, and a lack of representation. I believe it is crucial to support and amplify the voices of women in these industries.

“By providing equal platforms, resources, and opportunities, we can empower women to express themselves freely, share their unique perspectives, and contribute to the enrichment of our artistic and cultural heritage,” he said.

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