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SA coach Jonathan Just conducts training session a...

SA coach Jonathan Just conducts training session at NM Squash

Patience Muchemwa

NM Squash Academy on Saturday welcomed professional squash coach, Jonathan Just, from South Africa, who conducted a training session for both coaches and kids, imparting valuable knowledge and skills.

The one-day session with the experienced coach was held at St John’s Squash Club.

In an interview with Zim Now, NM Squash coach, Nyshto Munyoro said the kids were excited to learn from such an accomplished coach while the coaches were eager to improve their own coaching abilities.

“Most kids expressed their gratitude as they learnt new things and improvised on the knowledge they have, some got corrected on things they were doing wrong.

“Almost everyone who attended this session saw this as a life changing opportunity on their squash game.

“This training session was a special opportunity for the Academy, and it will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on the kids and coaches alike,” said Munyoro.

Not only did the training session provide valuable skills and knowledge to the kids and coaches, but it also represented an important step forward for squash in the country.

The Academy hopes that by bringing in expert coaches from around the world, they can help elevate the level of play and increase interest in the sport.

Jonathan Just, right, and Nyshto Munyoro

This session was just the beginning of their efforts to make squash more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

“We are going to be working with Boland Squash and do joined events, do programmes which help improve the squash at large in Zimbabwe,” said Munyoro.

Just’s vision for squash in the country is to start from the very beginning, developing the sport from the grassroots level.

“His desire is to make squash accessible to all children from grassroots level where they know they belong to a community that is about so much more than just squash,” added Munyoro.

Just believes that by building a strong foundation, the sport will be able to flourish and reach new heights. This means developing programmes for kids of all ages, starting from an early age, and creating opportunities for them to compete and develop their skills.

The SA coach is a Level One squash coach and is the coaching coordinator of Just Squash, which is based in Hermanus.

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