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City of Kings runs dry

City of Kings runs dry

Rutendo Mazhindu

Zim Now Reporter

The "City of Kings and Queens" is facing a harsh reality - a crippling water crisis. Residents are baffled and frustrated by the lack of progress on solutions, particularly the long-awaited plan to draw water from Lake Cunningham in Filabusi.

 Bulawayo endures a relentless water-rationing program, a desperate attempt to conserve the precious resource until the next rainy season. Blaming both the government and the water council, residents express outrage over the lack of sustainable solutions. The current water supply is insufficient, leaving many yearning for a permanent fix.

 The situation is dire. Some suburbs, like parts of Cowdray Park, are completely devoid of water connections.  Even areas situated near the city's water systems experience erratic supply.

 The Bulawayo City Council has announced the planned construction of the Glass Block Dam in Filabusi as a response to the crisis, aiming to move beyond temporary solutions and address the underlying causes like pollution and drought.

 The new dam is expected to bolster the city's current water supply system, which relies on Insiza Mayfair, Inyakuni, and Upper Ncema dams. Lower Ncema is unfortunately scheduled for decommissioning soon.

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