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I was a victim of body shaming, says Pastor G as h...

I was a victim of body shaming, says Pastor G as he reveals how he has lost almost 50kgs

Pastor G

Audrey Galawu

Stanley Gwanzura, the popular Pastor G, who has lost 48kg from his target of 100, has taken to social media to share how he has been a victim of body shaming for years.

“Food for thought, thinking back to the many times I was laughed at for being fat,” he shared.

He says people openly shamed him on his social media handles and even mainstream media practitioners were part of the hurt culture.

By definition, body shaming is qualified as an act of making inappropriate comments about another person’s weight or size.

“How many times inappropriate comments were made on my posts in regards to my body, how journalists would write stories about my weight in 2008 up to 2010, body shaming me,” he says.

Once upon a time, substantial body mass was a sign of affluence as it demonstrated to the world that one had access to good food, lots of it.

Not today. Through some standards set in the western world and slavishly followed unthinking masses, anything judged to be above “desirable” is now a reason for approbation.

Social media has amplified voices of those scrutinizing people’s physical appearances and suggesting how they should look

Pastor G says he has faced mental health challenges because of the comments.

“I struggled with depression, rejection and low self-esteem for years, it seemed the world was made for slim people. If it was not for my relationship with God, I would have killed myself.”

People who experience body shaming face long-lasting psychological and physical health effects such as depression and anxiety, increased risk for suicidal thoughts and low self-esteem.

He says this has negatively impacted on his life and career with his disclosure meant to give strength to others facing body shaming.

 “I have said this to help someone struggling, to say it’s possible to fight back and gain your health. It is possible to lose weight and change your lifestyle,” said Pastor G.

The gospel singer said his current face on challenge with obesity comes from purpose, vision and responsibilities which require him to be healthy.

He told Zim Now he has taken up Zumba and boxing, among other sports, and walks at least five kilometres per week.

“I have also cut down on sugar and added more proteins and vegetables to my diet. Eighty percent focus is on diet and 20% on exercise.”

“I am now at 145kgs as of two weeks ago down from 193kgs and am still on the journey. I need to get to 100kgs… it can be done.”

Pastor G revealed that during a tour in the United States of America in 2012 when he was asked to pay for two seats by the United Airlines for a flight from Washington DC to Dallas, and from Columbus to Washington.

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