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ZAFTA partners with artist Evelyn Gambe to boost Z...

ZAFTA partners with artist Evelyn Gambe to boost Zim film industry

Evelyn Gambe

Audrey Galawu

The Zimbabwe Annual Film and Television Awards has joined forces with renowned South Africa-based makeup artist, Evelyn Gambe in a partnership that aims to uplift the local film industry and empower aspiring makeup artists.

Through her esteemed film training hub, Set Skills Film and Television Training Hub, Gambe will sponsor the prestigious category of Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling at the ZAFTAs.

This sponsorship will provide a remarkable opportunity for the winner of this category to receive a scholarship at Set Skills, covering the full tuition.

The recipient will have the privilege of studying under the guidance of Gambe herself.

Gambe expressed her commitment to nurturing and guiding the next generation of makeup artists.

“I am dedicated to providing the necessary training and guidance to upcoming creatives in the Makeup, Hair, and Prosthetic departments. It is my utmost priority to impart a legacy and empower the next generation of international film and television makeup artists from Zimbabwe,” she said.

ZAFTA organisers said the introduction of the Makeup and Hair category at the ZAFTAs is a significant step in recognising the vital role of these departments on film sets.

“The collaboration between Evelyn Gambe and ZAFTAs signifies a shared vision to elevate the Zimbabwean film and television industry to new heights. It is a testament to the power of partnerships and the collective effort to create a brighter future for Zimbabwean creatives in the global arena,” the organisers said.

Gambe has established a remarkable reputation in the competitive South African film and television industry.

Her portfolio includes notable contributions to renowned productions such as Disney’s Queen of Katwe, Netflix’s Blood and Water, and the multi-national collaboration Africanda.

The inaugural edition of the ZAFTAs will take place tomorrow in Harare, showcasing the best achievements in the industry.

The event promises to be a game changer, offering well-deserved recognition to the talented individuals who contribute to the growth and success of Zimbabwean cinema.

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