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I lost to Chamisa, not Tsvangirai, says Mliswa

I lost to Chamisa, not Tsvangirai, says Mliswa

Temba Mliswa

Zim Now Writer

Former Norton legislator Temba Mliswa believes that Richard Tsvangirai, who defeated him in the 2023 parliamentary elections, was riding on former opposition Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa’s popularity.

Commenting about the controversies facing CCC, including confusion surrounding the way forward for MPs and councillors, Mliswa said members of the opposition cannot survive politically without Chamisa who resigned from the party two weeks ago.

He added that the defeat he suffered in the last plebiscite was caused by Chamisa’s popularity.

“The reality for many who have gone against Chamisa is that politically, they are done. For some, it’s their first and last term. This is notwithstanding how brilliant they may be. They will never be forgiven by the people for seeming to aid the ruling party in its agenda,” Mliswa said.

“As it stands, Chamisa simply represents an idea which has momentum, and no individual ability can withstand that. We can see with the likes of Brian Dube, a great legal mind and well-resourced person who went with (Douglas) Mwonzora. Same with Mbondiya. Their ability paled against CCC.

“It’s the same with myself losing in Norton. I verily understand the dynamics, which are that I actually lost to Chamisa and not Richard. People are so fatally hungry for change that they will embrace anyone standing for the accepted opposition.”

“Equally, anyone identified with Zanu PF, directly or indirectly, is a goner!”

The former MP further urged the disputed CCC secretary-general, Sengezo Tshabangu, to call for a meeting where members will declare their allegiance to him or Chamisa.

“It would be proper that Tshabangu call a meeting of all those who are adamant about being CCC after Chamisa’s exit. This will allow the political field to be clearly demarcated as we realise who is where.

“Those who don’t attend can be recalled, and those for Chamisa will simply go to his side. Tshabangu can’t be an SG of recalls only without giving directions to the party’s operations. There is no point taking over a Rolls Royce and failing to maintain it. It exposes you,” he said.

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