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Mnangagwa Pushes for Faster Trade, Regional Rail, ...

Mnangagwa Pushes for Faster Trade, Regional Rail, and Green Investment at Zim-Botswana Summit

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has  called for swift action on key initiatives during the 4th Zimbabwe-Botswana Binational Commission Summit held in Maun, Botswana. His statements highlight crucial goals for stronger regional cooperation and economic development.

Mnangagwa emphasised the importance of unrestricted movement of people and goods for robust economic ties. He urged for “expedited” establishment of One-Stop Border Posts between the two nations, streamlining customs and immigration procedures for faster trade and movement.

Recognising the significance of infrastructure development, the President pushed for the proposed railway line linking Botswana, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. This "Ponta Techibanjne Inter-Regional Heavy Haul Railway Project" holds the potential to enhance regional rail connectivity and boost trade opportunities.

Mnangagwa called for private sector investment and collaboration in renewable energy sources. He stressed the need for a “green” approach to support industrialization and sustainable economic growth for both countries.

This Binational Commission meeting serves to further strengthen the existing bond between Zimbabwe and Botswana. By addressing key concerns like trade facilitation, infrastructure development, and sustainable energy, the summit paves the way for new avenues of collaboration and shared prosperity.

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