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Vowles commends Nhimbe Fresh Farm Exports for sust...

Vowles commends Nhimbe Fresh Farm Exports for sustainable farming and empowering communities

Zim Now Writer

British Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Peter Vowles has applauded Nhimbe Fresh Farm Exports for sustainable farming and its innovation that makes them stay competitive in the market, following his visit to the farm.

Nhimbe Fresh Exports is known for maintaining its strong focus on sustainability and uplifting communities. 

For more than 25 years, Nhimbe Fresh Exports has been at the forefront of fostering sustainable growth throughout Africa. Nhimbe Fresh Exports was founded in 1996, has gone beyond just being a significant exporter of premium vegetables to become a powerhouse in the agricultural sector.

The company is one of the first exporters of blueberry, strawberry and peas.

The company also produces peas and tobacco for export and seed maize, potatoes and tomatoes for the domestic market.

NFE has become Zimbabwe’s second-largest employer, not only providing jobs but also implementing market strategies to combat food waste and promote sustainable practices.

NFE operates on Rakodzi, Sable Range, and Churchill farms located 70 km east of Harare.

NFE chief executive officer Dr Edwin Masimba Moyo believes that true change in Africa must originate from within, benefitting both the continent and the global economy.

Dr Moyo and his international experience in structural financing, along with strategic assistance, have helped him establish Nhimbe Fresh Exports as an industry leader.

“Our focus is on growing healthy eating habits and providing affordable, sustainable products like blueberries, strawberries, and broccoli.

“We aim to foster good lifestyles, healthy eating habits, and environmentally friendly practices,” Dr Moyo said.

NFE is situated at elevations ranging from 1 400 to 1 600 metres above sea level, these farms boast well-developed infrastructure, including dams, irrigation, and a dedicated 33kVa electricity supply.

Last year, the company secured US$11.2 million from the United Arab Emirates for its expansion and export programme.

Over the years, Nhimbe has acquired a strong international customer base in the United Kingdom, European Union and South Africa markets.

Production currently includes blueberries, trial raspberries and strawberries as well as fresh vegetables for export, with contracted tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, and seed maize forming part of the rotation along with onions as a cash crop.

Peaches and nectarines are grown on Churchill primarily for the regional and domestic markets.

Nhimbe Fresh Exports addresses poverty in sub-Saharan Africa by empowering small-scale farmers as out-growers for their export markets, receiving specialised training and support to gain vast access to export markets.


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