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From Glen View to the podium: Kudzanai "Madhedhedh...

From Glen View to the podium: Kudzanai "Madhedhedhe" Chiborise sprints towards Olympic glory

Kudzanai “Madhedhedhe” Chiborise

Patience Muchemwa

He's blazing a trail on the track and inspiring a nation. Kudzanai "Madhedhedhe" Chiborise, the name synonymous with power and perseverance in Zimbabwean athletics, is more than just a champion – he's a champion with a cause.

This electrifying 800m runner from Harare Polytechnic College wasn't always destined for the podium. But a spark ignited in 2012, fueled by the Olympic heroics of Botswana's Nigel Amos.

From that moment, Kudzanai's passion for the sport burned bright, leading him under the wing of the esteemed Coach Mavhuto Tumba.

The road to athletic glory isn't always paved with sponsorships. Kudzanai's journey is a testament to his unwavering determination.

He acknowledges the helping hand of Prophet Walter Magaya, who played a pivotal role in his early career, and highlights the importance of a strong support system. But his message is clear: "Never give up!"

For the past three years, the 800m race has become Kudzanai's personal runway. He's swept the Zimbabwe National Championship title a staggering three times in a row, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with. And he's not done yet.

"Defending my title to make it 4!" Kudzanai declares, his sights set on a historic fourth victory at the upcoming National Championships in Bulawayo.

This ever-optimistic athlete, hailing from the vibrant Glen View neighborhood, isn't just chasing personal bests. He dreams of representing Zimbabwe on the world's biggest stage – the Olympics.

But Kudzanai's vision extends beyond his own finish line. He recognises a crucial challenge – the lack of support for talented athletes in Zimbabwe's rural areas. 

"We have a lot of talents without sponsors," he asserts. His message is a call to action: invest in rural athletics infrastructure, create support programs, and bridge the gap for these hidden champions.

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