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CCC Leadership Crisis: Cracks Widen, Officials Fac...

CCC Leadership Crisis: Cracks Widen, Officials Face Choice Dilemma

Nelson Chamisa DAZ

Oscar J Jeke

The Citizens Coalition for Change, formed in January 2022 with much fanfare, promising unity and solidarity. However, just over a year later, the party finds itself embroiled in a leadership crisis, leaving elected officials facing a difficult choice.

Emerging from a breakaway faction of the MDC-A, the CCC initially presented a united front, winning a resounding victory in the March 2022 by-elections. However, cracks began to show during the August 2023 general elections. The “Bereka Mwana” candidate selection process led to double candidates and internal tensions, particularly involving veteran politician, Tendai Biti and younger members.

The crisis escalated with the Sengezo Tshabangu saga, revealing the interim secretary-general’s disputed power, leaving Chamisa with little authority. Chamisa’s subsequent resignation in January 2024 citing infiltration and suppression highlighted the power struggle and left officials in a bind.

Sengezo Tshabangu

Suspected backers of Tshabangu emerged, with Welshman Ncube chairing the National Standing Committee and seemingly accepting Chamisa’s resignation. However, Ncube remains elusive, while Biti maintains his position as vice president. Job Sikhala’s release adds another dimension, though he denies presidential ambitions. Another faction led by Jameson Timba seeks talks with Chamisa and proposes Promise Mkwananzi as acting president.

Elected officials must choose between remaining in Parliament under Tshabangu’s leadership or following Chamisa, who offers no clear direction. Over 10 officials initially expressed solidarity with Chamisa, but only Fadzayi Mahere has formally resigned.

Staying benefits their careers in the short term but risks backlash from Chamisa supporters in the long run.

Following Chamisa requires resigning from office, sacrificing salaries and benefits with no guarantee of a new party or future support. Analysts warn of Chamisa acting alone, leaving those who follow him in uncertain circumstances.

Temba Mliswa believes opposition to Chamisa signifies career suicide for MPs, while Linda Masarira demands concrete action like resignations from those expressing solidarity.

With several leadership contenders and power plays, the CCC party faces immense confusion. Successor attempts range from Mkwananzi and Timba’s faction to Tshabangu and Ncube’s camp, all while the party leader position remains vacant. The coming weeks promise interesting developments as the public awaits to see the shape of the CCC’s future.


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