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Seh Calaz returns: A harmonious symphony of sounds...

Seh Calaz returns: A harmonious symphony of sounds and revival

Seh Calaz

Philemon Jambaya

Legendary Zimdancehall artist, Seh Calaz, graces the music scene once again, not with a single offering, but a vibrant symphony of two captivating riddims. Embracing the pulsating heart of African rhythms, he lends his lyrical prowess to Cymplex Music’s “Sounds of Africa” riddim, while simultaneously gracing Chillspot Records’ “Nguva YaChivhayo” riddim with his signature style.

This resurgence marks a momentous occasion for the Zimdancehall landscape. Seh Calaz, a pillar of the genre, reignites the flame of interest in the once-thriving riddim culture. In recent years, the genre witnessed a melancholic lull, with established artists shifting away from the collaborative spirit of the riddim scene. The golden age of 2013-2014, when riddims dominated the airwaves, a vibrant tapestry woven with diverse voices, seemed like a distant memory.

Back then, riddims served as fertile ground, nurturing both seasoned and budding artists as they showcased their talents. The landscape, however, has undergone a metamorphosis, with newer talents now carrying the torch. Despite the evolution, fans still yearn for the era of intense competition on riddims, a dynamic that propelled the genre to unprecedented heights.

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