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Fatalities as two buses crash in Beitbridge

Fatalities as two buses crash in Beitbridge

Patience Muchemwa

Buses belonging to City Bus and Blue Circle were involved in a road crash in Lutumba, Beitbridge in the early hours of this morning (Saturday).

Police are yet to issue a statement.

Zim Now managed to speak to witnesses who got to the scene after the crash.

“It was a terrible sight. There were mangled dead bodies clearly visible. I saw at least three but there are likely to be more,” one witness said.

Images too graphic to share show some people lying on the ground.

Another said it appeared to be a head-on collision  while another said it looks like one bus side-swiped the other as they were both headed in the same direction, having departed Roadport in Harare headed for South Africa around midnight.

Pictures from the scene show most damage to the front of the buses with City Bus almost off the road while Blue Circle is stationed in the middle of the road. 



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